About me


My name is Carlos Rodriguez and I’m a 20-something hacker/musician living in Santa Cruz, California.

I enjoy coffee, reading, hacking on the $bash console, playing music and making lame jokes. Sports I like are disc golf, hockey (go Sharks!), MMA, racquetball and people-watching.

I am a co-founder of Terra Eclipse, Inc.

About the name

s8f.org logo

The name for this site (and my nickname) come from a brilliant piece of spam I once received entitled “S8F”. Aside from being complete genius (finally a piece of spam that wasn’t trying to sell me something), it also included bits of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a book I’m quite fond of. References to the ‘canisters’ seems to echo into eternity. I chose the faded logo image of s8f.org from a 60’s era pamphlet put out by the U.S. government, depicting a scientist servicing parts of a nuclear reactor. This is my interpretation of “I stepped inside and went straight for the canisters.”

Thanks for visiting!

Carlos Rodriguez (carlos8f)